Saturday, September 11, 2010

So, Nine months is a long time...

And the worlds worst blogger award goes to... Pam Oswald!
Thanks for reading if anyone is still left, lol. So alot has gone on since my last post, including a wonderful family vacation, the first in 6 years. It was amazing,inspiring, relaxing,and the list goes on. So I really didn't do a lot of dye-work. I did do a lot of gardening, yard work, self improvement, and family bonding. I have some things in the works including a tutorial for purchase with tips, tricks, troubleshooting, etc.
I figured the best way to catch everyone up is with a little slide show, of the last 9 months.
Thanks for following, if anyone is still there. of course that would be wonderful if I could figure out how to post it. For now click the pic below to go to the catch up gallery.

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