Friday, November 20, 2009

So...The Pioneer Woman cooks, and the Suburban Hermit Dyes.

My first meaty post here on blogger. I had recently started a meager blog here, but this works a little better with my site and is waaaayyyy pretier.
So this week I have been playing a bit in the kitchen. Those of you who know me can stop laughing at any time. I tried these yummy potatoes that my whole family loves. It was encouraging and inspiring. I have made choc chip cookies twice in one month! It's nuts, and a little bit fun, and Mason just loves cooking with me.
The boy has had a wonderful time this week. He turned six yesterday. We made his cake together, pics to come. Grandpa Ken would surely smile at his namesakes resemblance, and affinity for Birthday week. Last night before he finally wound down to sleep, he told me "mom you rock, this is the most awesome birthday ever! I'm sorry I didn't think it would be cool." It definitely felt good that for a few fleeting moments I still maintain the ability to impress the kids. I know the day will come that I don't, sooner than I want. Just another reminder to be thankful for the time I am allowed to spend with them.
Okay so the suburban hermit does in fact dye. More on that later when the hermit heads to bring home the bacon. Hopefully there will be a lull, and I will be able to share a bit. For now I need to nap before the night shift.

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