Sunday, November 29, 2009

What an awesome breakfast! Happy Sunday

Today I woke up to an amazing turkey breakfast with all the fixins. We had Thanksgiving lunch with Big daddy's family , and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with good friends. We ate, laughed, and laughed some more. The only drawback to not hosting is no leftovers. So the family made a gorgeous dinner/breakfast that I was lucky enough to wake up to. The boy wrote out the place cards himself, grandma and the divas made the penguins, and deviled eggs.

the plate is mine and has turkey, whipped potatoes with cream cheese, half and half, as well as butter. Smothered in turkey gravy made with half and half. (see a theme here?) creamed cucumbers and onions, dressing, deviled eggs, and the adorable olive penguins that I saw on Once upon a plate and showed my kids. So a wonderful way to wake up, and a delicious start to my day/night.

so the holiday season is kicking off with a bang business wise for me, which is good, but I really have to keep on top of things, make lists, and stay organized to prevent frustration, and procrastination. I have been busy dyeing and am looking forward to stocking everything.

I will end this with a few photos of my dyework this last week. I am out of energy, Sundays are my happy. but worthless days.


  1. nuts. I forgot to make penguins. lol. Yours turned out great. love the coke and tylenol.


  2. forget the food, that dye work is incredible! Drool!!!


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