Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good things come to those who wait

They're heeeeeeeeeere! so like the title says, good things come to those who wait. See pic below, 44 pairs of glorious bamboo socks in 4 different sizes. Beautiful little blank canvas's waiting to become something happy and fun! I have them all washed, and ready to prep.

I also got my camera back from repair, yay cannon. Still no pink Dell, I did get notification that something was messed up with my order and it had to be cancelled and reordered. BUT I am to rest easy in the fact that DELL is expediting my order so it will arrive in time for Christmas. booo.

I am in a picture sharing mood, so the following is the first pic I took with my newly repaired Cannon.

lots of little hooties bagged and ready to roll! So they flew the coop, and should be making some little hands happy.

I also sat down with the boy, and helped him write his Santa letter. This is his first year doing it himsef, he was so proud. He sent it to Santa on a Christmas Card, (nice touch). I wrote everything on a seperate card, and he copiped it in his own hand. It's so fun to watch them as the letters start actually making sense. I see him sounding things out all the time. Looks like my days of spelling S A N T A , C A N D Y, and other such words are over. So here are a few photos of him writing Santa.


  1. Oh the sweetness of a card to Santa. It's all so bittersweet now isn't it? Mason has lovely penmanship already.

    Gusty told me today. she can't wait to be 7. sniff. seven.

    Swoon on the hooters and socks. Bamboo socks. Such richness!!

    Still can't figure out why I come up as such a looong number. lol. I'll keep working on that. :)

  2. yes it is horribly bittersweet. The way he hops up and down all excited when the lights on the tree come on, EVERY TIME melts my heart. I am thankful that I am mature enough to enjoy these times, as I know they are fleeting.
    I think that big long number looks cute on you.

  3. So adorable! I love reading those letters to Santa. They come up with such cute things to ask!

  4. Love those owls. And the letters to Santa? Too cute. :)
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